USPS exploring idea of self-driving mail trucks

Could we see self driving mail trucks in the future? The U.S. Postal Service put out a request for information on trucks that can follow an assigned route while a letter carrier sorts mail for delivery. It also wants to know if it’s possible to retrofit existing vehicles with autonomous technology. Vendors have until April 5 to respond.


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Give us new LLV’s first and then explore further.

Put this ridiculous idea on hold, , & do something productive, like creating an exemption from NHTSA & EPA for rural letter carriers ONLY, to import not more than one Right Hand Drive vehicle annually. PLEASE.
Who wants a 20/25 year old Cherokee from Japan… they’re not fuel efficient and certainly not as safe as the newer vehicles with airbags. We should be able to import RHDs without the mandate of upgrades that the Cherokees aren’t required to include. Nuff’said. (ie: Honda crv etc..)

There are way too many things that can go wrong. who is going to program the thing to get the right angle to reach the mailbox. Our arms are only so long and it has to be very precise. The mailboxes get moved and replaced so would need to be on going updates to system. Todays snow I was all over the road at 10 mph, Will the thing be able to drive in Winter?