USPS employees must protect the mail

The Postal Service is reminding employees that it is of the utmost importance to protect the sanctity of the mail.

When people send and receive mail through USPS, they trust that their mail will be treated with respect.

Damaging, delaying, tampering with or destroying mailpieces of any kind violates the sanctity of the mail and erodes the public’s trust in the Postal Service.

Customers across the nation rely on USPS to deliver their mail — including bills, medication and personal correspondence — safely, securely and quickly.

Business customers depend upon the Postal Service to ship packages and products.

All mail, of any type, is important and must be respected.

Employees who violate the sanctity of the mail may be reprimanded or dismissed and could face federal criminal charges.

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Management doesn’t care about the sanctity of the mail. The only thing these goons care about is how quickly a route can be ran. Quality and safety is an after thought at best. Carriers would not be worked to death if they cared about the sanctity of the mail.