USPS employee says she’s not being paid after traumatizing incident on the job

RICHMOND, Va. — An employee with the United States Postal Service tells CBS 6 Problem Solvers she’s been unable to work for weeks after a traumatizing incident on the job and she’s not getting workers’ compensation while on medical leave.

The incident occurred on April 19, a day that started out like any ordinary day on Wanda Bennett’s route. The 20-year postal service employee was on her delivery route on E. Grace Street when she had an encounter with a man police describe as mentally ill.

“He had a bible in his hand, and I said, ‘I don’t have your mail.’ He went to walk away… he said ‘God told me you’re lying, and you have my mail. He said let me get my stick. I went to run inside the vehicle. He saw me running and he jumped on the vehicle,” Bennett recalled


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good luck ! i got knocked over by a friendly dog and had to pay the postal service back 900.00 for c.o.p. as assignned by the o.i.c. and the wound was very deep and left a scar ….

Off work for 9 months for car accident (not my fault), no pay. All medical billed to my insurance.