USPS Documents show 88 postal vehicle fires in 2017

USPS documents show 88 postal vehicle fires this year, but do not break down by type.  It also seems to blame at least some of the fires on unapproved modifications in the vehicles.


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Stephanie Warrick-Shattuck holy cow.

How many now? 33? Ridiculous. Be careful when you do Amazon.

88 postal vehicles. Idk how many llv’s. I try and use the minivans doing amazon regardless. All around better.

That’s 88 times too many. So scary!

So they are blaming carriers for using scanner holders as cup holders? ?

MDD “chargers”? What?!

As usual blame the carrier at all times.

What carriers?

In our area they blame rubber bands hung on the blinker handle!

Nancy Uhde some carriers have chargers for the MDD (our scanners), which would have electrical connections in them, which could be short-circuited by spilling a drink in them.

Mark Taylor

Debbie, Mary, Jennifer, and Aaron

Carriers can pay right after management reimburses for their mistakes.

What are these cup holders they r talking about?


Jill Lindgren mdd charger cup holders

Haha! That’s recycling!

They are chargers for our scanners. They aren’t to be used as cup holders since they have electricity running through them to charge the scanners but apparently some carriers are using them for cup holders.

Blaming the carrier for the splitter on the cigarette lighter is completely ridiculous. The absolute worst case scenario for that is blowing the fuse to the cigarette lighter. Jesus.


Our lives are worth nothing to them

It’s always the carriers fault…

No matter what! Smh

Hazard light switch was getting very hot. Told postmaster about 18 times before he finally grudgingly fixed it after about 2 months saying “I don’t see anything wrong, but I’ll fix it anyway” Well gee thanks.

Nancy Uhde write it up . Pm not the one fixing it Usps is .

88 ??
Death Traps !!

Its those carriers “burning” those routes! Supersonic!

Need 2 be replaced with new vehicles that have AC

Not bad odds with 50 million running the road everyday

Retire these trucks. Don’t get me wrong I loved my old right hand drive but that’s to many fires.

Geney Gulley ???

I don’t think my cigarette lighter even works! ? I do think they need a little updating. They were supposed to be good for 25 years. That was in 1999. They’ve outlasted their components!

Mine leaks oil has since I got it 8yrs. Ago my parking spot tells a tale

If I start smelling something burning I shut it off get out and call the office

Management being complete idiots as usual. You want the fires to stop, then maybe proper maintenance, a qualified staff of mechanics, and replacing the 30 year old wiring which has been exposed to extreme heat and cold for 30 YEARS and has since broken down to nothing. But no, it’s the driver who plugged a fan in or sat a can of coke or a bottle of water in an MDD charger.

So… the very last sentence.
Unauthorized use.
Are we supposed to ask to plug “anything” into the lighter?

Lindsey Walker Herring, another reason to hate those LLV’s!!

Death traps!!!!!!!!!

They won’t take this seriously until someone dies.

Yea maybe if they didn’t hv 300,000 miles on them and rain pouring down on the fuse box they wouldn’t catch fire….

Eric La Gesse

Crazy bat sh!t

Maureen Walter Holtgraves

Nick Potthoff

Rut roh

1 1/2 per week?

How long before we go up in flames . Rena Patel ??

Well that’s one way of forcing USPS to give us new vehicles

At our 95356 Hudson office all our Avenger caravans diappeared…and were NOT replaced. Mine worked excellant. RR17


Samantha De La Cruz

Could it be, they are being used too much and twice as hard, and they’re old? Sundays…sometimes they take them out after carriers get back.