USPS did not analyze how changes would affect mail delivery, watchdog says

The inspector general for the US Postal Service issued a new report Tuesday criticizing USPS service reductions implemented under Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, charging they were put in place without proper consideration of the effect that the cuts would have.

“No analysis of the service impacts of these various changes was conducted and documentation and guidance to the field for these strategies was very limited and almost exclusively oral,” the report says. “The resulting confusion and inconsistency in operations at postal facilities compounded the significant negative service impacts across the country.”
Three changes DeJoy made after he started in June, including the elimination of late and extra trips to transport mail, were compounded by more than 50 other cost-cutting initiatives that also went into effect, the report states.
“These initiatives undertaken individually may not have been significant. However, launching all of these efforts at once, in addition to the changes instituted by the Postmaster General, had a significant impact on the Postal Service,” the report adds.

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