USPS Delays Decision On LLV Replacement Until the End of the Year

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Workhorse Group Inc.’s stock fell more than 11% Tuesday after the United States Postal Service failed to announce its decision on a $6.3 billion manufacturing contract for its next generation of delivery vehicles.

“Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on Postal Service and supplier operations, an award(s) is currently planned for the production phase by the end of the calendar year,” USPS spokeswoman Kim Frum said Tuesday in an email to The Business Journal.

Roth Capital Partners last week issued a report that a decision could come down as early as Oct. 13 and was optimistic that Cincinnati-based Workhorse would win the entire bid. Workhorse is the single bidder that has proposed an all-electric vehicle to supplant the postal services’ existing fleet.

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How many more delays please how many postal workers have to die in their trucks please they have to have air conditioning and decent heat and employees who intentionally damage trucks should be fired we have had employees confess and nothing was done turn on head lights do battery in dead flatten tires rip wires out take cables off batteries put stuff in gas tank put air fresheners in heater motor bend windshield wipers climb on top of trucks to poop on roof top and my all time favorite urinate in the back of LLV they all are still working… Read more »