USPS defends their record after report names Richmond area delivery among nation’s worst

The Richmond area’s worst quarter in recent years was October through December of 2018, when less than 66% of the mail that was supposed to be delivered in three to five days arrived on time.

That was a difficult quarter throughout the country for the Postal Service: The nationwide on-time delivery rate for that period was just over 72%.

Barton found the Postal Service’s target is to deliver 96.5% of two-day mail and 95.3% of three-to five-day mail to arrive on time. The service set those targets in 2014, but has never met them.

Two service areas in New York City had on-time delivery rates lower than Richmond’s rates.

In a statement, USPS spokesman Philip Bogenberger defended their service record:

Most customers receive their mail timely and consistently six day a week. In places where there are late deliveries, mis-deliveries or inconsistent delivery, our field management teams work to follow established processes to ensure that customer expectations are met.

Additionally, we strive to continually improve our service, and we will work diligently with our employees and the community to address issues that arise. We are also relying more on new technologies such as advance routing solutions and geo-spatial accuracy checks to improve accuracy and consistency of our mail delivery.

Richmond customers who have questions about their mail delivery service should contact their local Post Office, call Richmond Consumer Affairs at 804-775-6317 or get help on Twitter via @USPSHelp.


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Linda….do something to these deadbeat management types in Richmond…. they’re right in your backyard….get off your lazy ass and surprise visit the plant instead of covering for them.