March 20, 2023
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6 months ago

If there’s nothing to hide then why not release it. Denying it kinda justifies the concern!

Greg shears
6 months ago

The most important packages in my office is Amazon Amazon Amazon, gotta get those Amazon packages delivered. Even if you have to work the subs seven days a week for weeks on end. People are quitting left and right because of Amazon. I’m retiring soon because of Amazon. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t mind working a couple more years but I’ve had enough.

Reply to  Greg shears
3 months ago

And because so many of the 60 available hour are expended on Amazon only the rest of the paying customers see their products not delivered 6 days a week. no more Amazon Sunday or pushing pieces from Amazon ahead of others until guaranteed Monday through Saturday deliveries for the “public service” is accomplished

Chris Cameron
3 months ago

I have made a FOIA request from the USPS relating to the USPS contract with Amazon. This request pertains to my small business operations near Cincinnati, Ohio and relates to the request made by your small-town post office. Small business owners like me are unable to post their complaints and frustrations about large corporations like Amazon due to the sway that they have over the media. For example, I am unable to post my views Reddit on the Amazon forums in a straightforward and respectful manner. I was removed from the Amazon Reddit forum just by posting this:  The only… Read more »

Daniel Lantz
Reply to  Chris Cameron
2 months ago

I’m a Postal employee. I filed a FOIA act request for the contract too. Good luck! They denied me too, citing some 1970’s Postal Restructuring bull crap. I deliver my assigned route 5 days a week, then have to delivery Amazon in another town and office on Sundays and Holidays. The ONLY holidays I have had off in the last 3 years are News Years Day, Christmas, and 4th of July…I’m lucky to get one day off a week. I’m in the middle of an 8 day work week as I write this. Amazon is destroying the Postall Service. Look… Read more »