USPS confirms that 259 postal employees have contracted COVID-19

Many more are quarantined due to possible exposure as employees are on the frontlines fighting the coronavirus and providing essential services.


Many agencies, however, have missions that cannot be performed remotely, forcing hundreds of thousands of federal workers to continue reporting to their work stations. Federal offices, like those in all sectors in the country, have struggled to keep their employees safe. Workers have complained of insufficient supplies, equipment and distancing policies.

While the work of the government must go on, it has left employees exposed to the coronavirus. Here’s a look at the agencies in which the most federal workers have contracted COVID-19.


U.S. Postal Service: USPS has confirmed 259 employees tested positive for the virus in its workforce of 630,000. The Postal Service has sought to make gloves and masks available in all of its work stations, but employees still say basic items are not available. More than 85,000 workers have signed a position asking for better protections.

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