USPS confirms ballots were dumped, said they have been delivered

A North Jersey man posted a photo on Facebook on Friday of a large quantity of mail that includes a multitude of ballots, strewn adjacent to a dumpster.

“Just found two to 300 lb of mail dumped in a dumpster behind one of the banks I service. Including at least 200 ballots,” said Howard Dinger. “This is the kind of stuff you just can’t make up. And yes it was reported to the local police and the postal police.”

The U.S. Postal Service declined to offer details of the incident beyond a confirmation.

“The mail you referenced was reported, collected and delivered,” said George Flood, a spokesman for the postal service. “This matter was then turned over to our Office of Inspector General. We are unable to comment further at this time.”

Still, it’s not immediately clear how local election officials will get around chain of custody issues.

Dinger said that the mail, including the ballots, were found in North Arlington and were intended to be delivered to West Orange residents.

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Postal service mishap? Get the broom

In the People’s republic of California they actually print the voters party on the return envelope in an American code either r or d. Isn’t that great. left-wing ravenous lunatic Union lackey postal employees will have no trouble sorting out the Republican ballots and putting them in their trash can

Get your facts straight! I just looked at mine(d) my wife(r)! The ENVELOPES are identical! You can’t tell who is a Republicans or Democrats!

The words ‘are’ and ‘is’ are not interchangeable, stupid…get your verb tense straight!

You won’t have that problem with Republicans. Most of them can’t read. Biden by an illiterate landslide.

6053724252 Randal Gibbons

Looks like mostly bundles of junk Mail.

Shouldn’t be too hard to find the carrier. Arrest, fire, jail!

Carrier, normally probationary says I need more time. Management gives conflicting orders, finish it all and do it in 8 hours no overtime is authorized or don’t come back to work. Carrier thinks he will be caught for being late but only might get caught for dumping his load.

You are correct. The public has no idea on what it is like to be harassed over and over. I prob would guess that a new city carrier needed to get his/her child picked up and could not finish rt. Its sad and never should happen. But it does. Over and over and nothing to protect carrier from abuse.

NO EXCUSE FOR DUMPING THE MAIL !!!! If you can’t do the job, QUITE !!!!

If you can’t spell, quit posting, and if you meant to use the word quite bcuz you’re British, “goodday to ya mate!”

It was an overworked carrier. No known political motive.