USPS: Buy bigger box or you may not get packages

Hundreds of Northern Kentucky homeowners are receiving a letter from the Post Office telling them they need to upgrade the mailbox at the end of their driveway.

Some want to know why and whether this request is even legal.

Chris Dowdy recently bought this heavy-duty curbside mailbox for his home in Grant County, Kentucky.

So he was stunned to get a letter from the Post Office telling him it wasn’t big enough.”It’s threatening to not deliver your packages during the holiday season if you don’t get a larger mailbox,” he said.

The letter reads, “We strongly encourage you to upgrade your mailbox to a jumbo-sized mailbox to avoid missed packages this holiday season.”


“We apologize for any confusion relating to the letter residents in Williamstown received about next generation mailboxes. The letter suggested customers may wish to install the larger mailboxes but did not state there was a requirement to change mail receptacles.

Next generation mailboxes are popular with customers and are designed hold multiple packages, letters, and magazines. As ecommerce and the corresponding package delivery continues to increase, the larger mailboxes provide additional convenience to customers, particularly during the holiday season.”

Susan W. Wright
USPS Corp Communications


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The USPS should require a mailbox sized large enough to handle the customers daily volume of mail and parcels. Customers should be required to empty those mailboxes on a daily basis or notices for parcel pick up will be left at the residence/ business.