USPS Business Mail Facilities Considered For Closure

USPS Marketing Manager John Zucchi announced that two business mail entry units (BMEUs) are slated for closure: one in Long Island City and one in Jamaica.

Regarding the Long Island City BMEU, Zucchi stated, “In our continued effort to improve our service and provide efficient, timely service to our mailers, you are invited to attend a meeting at our Brooklyn office at 1050 Forbell St., Brooklyn, NY 11256, on August 2, at 11am-1pm in Room 2014, to voice any concerns that you may have on the closure of LIC BMEU. Additional information will be discussed such as Full Service Mail, Seamless Acceptance and the BMEU’s newest product, EPS (Enterprise Payment System).”

Zucchi also sent a similar announcement regarding the Jamaica BMEU, but added Jamaica BMEU would no longer have a mailing requirement clerk and would possibly be closing the “BME.” A meeting regarding the Jamaica BMEU will be held on August 16 (date subject to change), from 11 am-1 pm, at the same Brooklyn location as given above.

A previous statement was released on June 12 which stated that the LIC office was slated to be closed effective “on October 10,” due to a decrease in business mail volume (see this week’s Gazette editorial), but they are seeking public input “to determine if the closure is going forward.” Questions can be sent to Zucchi at


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