USPS Boss on Packages: Scanning Good, Throwing Bad

United States Postmaster General Megan Brennan told postal workers of the importance of scanning packages, explaining that in order to remain competitive, the Postal Service need to provide customers with timely and accurate tracking information. Speaking in a video feature called Business Focus, she also warned carriers not to throw packages.
“We have professional letter carriers who take great pride in their work and deliver a positive experience in addition to mail and packages. But when an employee throws a package and it’s caught on a home security camera, which is happening far too often, it’s then posted on social media, and that hurts our brand,” she said.
One mishandled package can result in multiple lost customers, she said, and backed up her warning with the proof of the harsh reality that the agency faces.


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So how about telling the clerks not to throw them too! I mean it only matters because carriers are in customer site. And they always throw the “fragile one’s first then the heavy ones…f/r tho!


Paying RCA’s straight time for Amazon Sundays. You get what you pay for.

Postmaster is opening USPS purse wider and throwing safety out the window. She wants a Runners with White Glove Service. Parcels get thrown from the onset, because we’re the last leg of delivery, they want perfection. Give them what they want and make them pay in overtime. Safety first is the USPS motto.