USPS boosts extra trips, returns mail processing machines to service

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) told a U.S. judge on Friday it has returned 137 mail processing machines to service since August and approved thousands of daily extra delivery trips this month as it works to deliver millions of ballots.

U.S. District Judge Emmett Sullivan had ordered the return of mail sorting machines if removals could impact timely ballot deliveries ahead of the Nov. 3 presidential election.

The Postal Service said since Aug. 18, 137 mail processing machines have been returned to service and it has not removed any additional machines from service.

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If usps is approving thousands of “Extra Trips”, perhaps they really are not extra but indicative of poor management by usps… Prior OIG audits do show where highway contract renewals were not done correctly and did not reflect the reality of the flow of mail… If you don’t have the proper size trucks and proper timing, what happens is…..get ready…..”Extra Trips”……..New management is needed but not the nojoy type… Real leaders…They are who are needed….

Thank God! And when they removed the 137 machines, they didn’t figure in the Christmas season? Which averages 1.3 BILLION Christmas cards and letters? There may have been 523 million pieces of election mail entering the system. Are they counting political mailings, maybe the COVID guidelines sent by President Trump, too? There are 231 million registered voters. Even if everyone voted by absentee ballot, maybe half will be processed by the P.O. because people are being scared off and are bringing the ballots to “ballot boxes”. The math doesn’t work. This has nothing to do with not enough machines to… Read more »