USPS Board of Governors vice president steps down, but quorum remains

With the Postal Service at risk of running out of cash in the coming months and negotiating with the Trump administration over the terms of a $10 billion loan, a senior member of the agency’s Board of Governors has stepped down.

Former USPS Inspector General David Williams, a longtime government watchdog with a career in public service, resigned from his position as the vice-chairman of the agency’s Board of Governors at the end of April.

The USPS governors operate much like a private company’s board of trustees, and make important business decisions for the agency, such as nominating a new postmaster general and controlling spending.

A Postal Regulatory Commission filing shows that Williams offered his resignation from the board on April 30. His term expired last December, but governors can continue to serve on the board for an additional holdover year after their term expires.

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