March 20, 2023
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John Doe
11 months ago

What’s funny is that the people in privileged positions like management, inspectors, clerks, maintenance never help deliver the mail. How ironic the worst position at the Post Office is the sucker that actually has to deliver the mail to the customer.

Reply to  John Doe
11 months ago

You obviously have absolutely no idea how the postal service works. Those positions you mentioned did not sign up to deliver the mail.

John Doe
Reply to  Imak
11 months ago

Exactly! People in these privileged positions get paid to do nothing! Let’s pay people to sit in building all day when the mail is stacked to the ceiling. It’s funny that they use CCAs to do clerical work, but no one helps out these carriers. They need to downgrade supervisors and inspectors and make them carriers. There are too many people sitting around drawing a check.