USPS Audit Ask: How Can USPS Improve Delivery of Packages on the First Attempt?

The Postal Service has seen a continuous increase in package volumes over the past few years. As more people shop online, package delivery service will continue to grow. Delivering a package on the first attempt is vital to the Postal Service’s ability to serve its customers efficiently.

When a customer is not home, the Postal Service leaves a notice and attempts to redeliver, or the customer picks up the package at a local post office. In some locations, the Postal Service uses keyless parcel lockers.

  • Do you have any suggestions for improving the Postal Service’s first-delivery-attempt success rate?

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“When a customer is not home, the Postal Service leaves a notice…”
If I did that, I might as well not even take my parcels out.
Drop and go…


Be sure to have the office tell customers to have numbers big enough to see on all sides of their homes and boxes cant deliver on first attempts or to right home WITHOUT it. IS TGEIR A WAY TO MAKE IT MANDATORY IF A CUSTOMER WANTS TO CONTINUE MAIL DELIVERY TO HOME THAT NUMBERS VISIBLE TO CARRIERS MUST BE IN PLACE THAT WOULD HELP MISDELIVERIES AND UNSUCCESSFUL ATTEMPTS