USPS At Risk of Falling Short on Space and Staffing to Support Holiday Season, IG Warns

The U.S. Postal Service is at risk of failing to meet its goals to boost its space and employees for processing peak mail and package volumes during the upcoming holiday season, according to a new report, though it has taken some steps to mitigate last year’s failures.

USPS has already increased its full-time workforce by 8% since the 2020 holiday season, adding 33,000 workers. It has also increased its facility floor space by 48% and its package processing capacity by 16%. Still, supervisors recently told the agency’s inspector general they were concerned about an insufficient number of employees for trucking and management is falling short of its goals for leasing temporary spaces to process shipping surges.

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No one wants to get worked like a slave! The mail primarily consists of junk mail anyways.

Oh no what would we ever do without enough management. Just yesterday all over the news it said we are more than prepared. I believe 40,000 new employees have been hired. Yeah right our office just posted the listing last week. Should get them in just in time for Valentine’s Day.

I’ve never been happier since I left Amazon’s slave, the USPS….. All 6 of my offices RCA quit within a few months of each other…

Wow! What a surprise!!

Don’t worry, DeJoy has it all figured out