March 21, 2023
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1 year ago

No kidding… a driver shortage?… how about paying them what they are worth… give good benefits and don’t screw with them… Most companies can’t do all this… USPS could. and USPS would get loyal employees… Duh.

Robert Bedwell
Reply to  charlie
1 year ago

Ya Fedex and UPS pays a lot more to their drivers. Post office pay way below our private companies and that’s why we don’t have good drivers who want to stick around til retirement. Plus the transportation supervisor’ treat their employees like crap and only offer promotion to their buddies or someone who can kiss the managers butts

Chris salmi
1 year ago

How bout bring back some of the employees walked out and forxlced to retire due to nrp workforce discrimination of disabled employees. They won there case but post office refuses to settle 130,000 of us loyal employees out out no union help no
Congressman’s help only layers and a lawsuite but
Postoffice still refuses.