USPS agrees to provide daily election mail reports to Virginia Democrats after lawsuit claiming delays

The US Postal Service has agreed to provide the Democratic Party of Virginia with a daily report detailing how it has handled election-related mail as part of a lawsuit Democrats filed against the federal agency alleging that thousands of absentee ballots and applications from general registrars failed to be processed and scanned in a timely manner to get them to voters.

The USPS has rebutted the claims and told CNN in a statement last week that it was not aware of any delays in the delivery and processing of election-related material across Virginia.

In a consent order filed Thursday in the lawsuit, the USPS said it would process absentee ballots “in accordance” with its established procedures in how it handles election mail.

Procedures include postmarking completed “inbound ballots” from voters and having all mail-processing facilities and post offices continue to complete an “all clear” process — a daily sweep to certify that they are clear of all election mail committed for delivery that day.

The consent order does not constitute an admission of wrongdoing by USPS.


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Already setting more fraud. The dumacrats did not get all their votes in. Wow setting up another rip-off a week ahead because they know they can’t win fair.

How about the upcoming ballot dump on Election Day evening to insure Democratic wins??