USPS ‘actively defunding’ its police force amid spike in postal crime, associations warn lawmakers

The Postal Service, already struggling in some regions to cover delivery routes with available staff, is experiencing a spike in postal crime that further hurts employee recruitment and retention, postal associations told lawmakers.

Frank Albergo, national president of the Postal Police Officers Association, told the House Oversight and Reform Committee’s subcommittee on government operations that postal police staffing has shrunk by approximately 65% since 2002.

Albergo said the postal police force, at a time when postal crime and robberies of mail carriers are on the rise, has shrunk to approximately 350 rank-and-file officers, and continues to see its headcount shrink through attrition.

Albergo estimated there will be fewer than 300 rank and file postal police officers by the end of 2024, unless changes are made.

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I watched Frank Albergo, national president of the Postal Police Officers Association, testimony before the recent congressional hearing on this very subject above. Frank’s testified that it is more cost effective to prevent crime than to investigate crime. This sounds great in theory but so does communism but we all know communism never works. There are over 330,000 letter carriers out delivering every day, does Frank actually think is is cost effective to follow every letter carrier every day to prevent crime? You’d need over 330,000 postal police officers, 330,000 LE patrol cars, not to mention the gas. Why not… Read more »

Max Stooge: You are a step beyond dumb. Now Frank Albergo is a communist? YES, moron, there are 330,000 letter carriers. NO, Frank doesn’t espouse following every letter carrier, every day. NO, Frank doesn’t believe it cost-effective OR practicable to follow every letter carrier every day to prevent crime. NO, Frank does not ask that postal police be stationed at every mailbox in the U.S. So, now that ACCURATE FACTS ARE OUT OF THE WAY: Postal police numbers would NOT need to increase AT ALL to have an impact on postal crime. Had you actually listened to Frank’s testimony at… Read more »

Max Stoopid: Facts don’t lie. “Letter carriers face criminal danger on their delivery routes. Some of these crimes are physical in nature, including physical assaults, beatings, and shootings. For example, on Thursday, September 10, 2020, a letter carrier in Chicago was shot four times at 11:30 a.m. while she was delivering mail. The crimes also include theft and robbery. Letter carriers are robbed while on their routes, either of the mail they are carrying or of star mailbox keys. Their vehicles are broken into and robbed of mail while parked on city streets. Letter carriers have also witnessed individuals stealing… Read more »

They make less than half of city cops depending on where you live. Letter carrier pay is also horrendous unless you’re on the job for 12 years. Pure insanity.