USPS 2021 EAS Salary Schedule

The USPS 2021 Executive and Administrative Schedule (Schedule E) and Part-Time Postmaster Schedule (Schedule F) are below.

2021 USPS Salary Schedule

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Overpaid. None of them could get a job in private sector doing what they are doing in the PO.

Tell that to the numerous OIEs who left for higher pay in the private sector.

Don’t get mad……let me guess, underpaid? LOL There are over and underpaid people all over the word. Just get in where you fit in

I’d like to see you do the job.

All awarded their positions through screwing the right people and corruption. They can’t do the jobs of their subordinates (the people that actually work) if they tried.

Yeah right. Keep thinking that buddy. I was awarded my position through hard work and determination. I was a city carrier and still go out and carry city mail like no other lol. I also carry rural mail when we’re short handed. Maybe try doing the supervisor’s responsibilities and carry mail at the same time before you comment on something you know nothing about.

Last edited 10 months ago by Joshua

If you’re a supervisor you SHOULDN’T be carrying mail……only postmasters can do that.

You stupid shit you act like you work so had boo fucking hoo. I got to drive country roads and drop paper into a box hahahaha. Never met a pm that had half a brain I doubt you’re an exception

Lol I say the same thing!!!

PO in st louis still stuck with scandal plagued mgmt and race bias. Terrible service here.

All EAS employees are hellishly over paid. No accountability among EAS employees at all.

Try it and see how much the EAS jobs are worth.