US Postmaster General Reduces Work Hours to Cut Costs

Postmaster General Megan Brennan said the USPS reduced over 6 million work hours in the recent quarter, which helped the organization reduce its overall compensation expenses. She made the statement in her most recent video talk to employees published on the USPS website.

Managing employee balance can be a tricky business, as this article from last June highlights – cut too many workers, and overtime can spike.

It can also mean a greater reliance on temporary workers, making retention of such workers an important issue. The USPS Inspector General recently published some advice for postal management on retaining non-career employees


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Really… Reduce work hours… Where? We’re so understaffed it’s pathic. Overtime is a must at our place.

Our truck is constantly late so they pay me to sit there and wait instead of fixing the problem at the plant…… They’re not reducing hours they’re just moving them around lol

That’s for sure, Christina. Only at the po. Gotta love it.

Yeah right…and I am working 11 hour days/6 days week on an overwhelmed, overburdened route at age 66 and my route has NOT been adjusted since June 2018 with over 25 new stops and I am expected to keep up! The worse part is that I am told that it will be re-adjusted back to normal THREE TIMES now and NOTHING has happened! Most of this is due because new hires won’t stick around because of the huge workload demand from having to deliver these over sized, over weighted amazon parcels…something we DID NOT SIGN ON to deliver!!! Since when… Read more »

Well stated, Anthony.

If you have 25 new stops and haven’t been adjusted, you need to file a grievance IMMEDIATELY!!! You’re being cheated out of 2 hours. You most likely won’t get back pay but I would still fight for it.

Too many managers is the real problem, micro managing every move we make is a problem. Craft carriers and clerks are not the issue. I hear horror stories from other offices on sub retention, maybe take a look at those offices with the highest turnover and do exit interviews, get to the bottom of why a particular office cant keep people…bet it all comes down to bad management.


Yea, that really makes sense, cut hours lay people off not enough people to process and deliver the mail. Oh , don’t forget to fill more worthless management positions. Too many chiefs, not enough Indians.

Why dont we give hours an money to people that actually work. Cut some postmasters that do nothing all day. Play on their phone in the office. That’ll save the postal service a good chunk of money. I’m working 6 days sometimes 7 as a clerk but even making 35 hours a week.

I’m killing it too… taking these suckers for all they’re worth… hope this gravy train never ends… I’m laughing all the way to the bank!!!????

When will President Trump fire this idiot?

Trump needs to fire, himself. He is the one wanting to privatize sections of the postal service. Not good.

stop the second runs on parcels that do not have guarantee delivery.. reduce the amount of trucks going to an office with possibly a handful of mail or two or three parcels. there should be a cut off time.. why is union allowing this… there was a cut off time years ago. this was not happening during the count.. once in a while ok but EVERY day.. why aren’t they concentrate on fixing this problem.. if it’s after you leave for the route then it should wait for the next day… I’m done when I finish my route.. and yes… Read more »

perhaps the most intelligent and well rounded response ive ever heard…

Change the retirement age to whenever you get ready as long as you have 25 yrs an you would clean house that’s what you need to cut out let people retire with there 80% at 25 yrs that’s enough working.

They cut everyone’s hours at my office by hiring on TOO MANY workers. Now we are lucky to get scheduled to work 4 days a week. Smfh. It’s ridiculous because nobody is going to retire anytime soon and theres not enough other offices close by that need help everyday because were in a rural town. So the ccas and ptf clerks are basically screwed unless they get a 2nd job. No benefits, and no hours now? They wont have anyone with a desire for these jobs if they keep this up.