US Postal Service says it can handle increase of mail-in ballots for November’s election

The US Postal Service says it will be able to handle the extra mail from November’s general election.

The statement comes after President Trump suggested that USPS may not be able to deal with an expected increase of mail-in ballots.

Mail deliveries have recently slowed down by at least two days in some places, but workers are blaming new procedures pushed by Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

Those delays are raising fears that some ballots may not reach election offices in time, if problems are not fixed.


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They must be crazy.We are having a hard enough time delivering all these parcels.Routes are not being finished.All the mail is not getting delivered now.

He just know he is not going to win. That’s something he wanted the new dummie post master general to do. He never tried to see what he can do he just wanted to change things without an explanation.

To be fair unless a state or county sends some nonsense ballot then they are just an additional piece in the DPS. BUT if COVID quarantines continue then we still won’t be able to deliver and pick up every address 6 days a week.