US Postal Service: Delivering the goods

Whether you’re buying from the website of a brick and mortar store or a direct-to-consumer company, or receiving prescription drugs or subscription boxes, there’s no question that e-commerce is changing the retail landscape. Last year, e-commerce sales totaled more than $500 billion dollars, and McKinsey predicts that e-commerce will be a $9 trillion retail opportunity by 2025. Almost 15 percent of total retail sales were online last year, and e-commerce continues to grow at a rate of nearly 15 percent per year.

The untold story of the success of e-commerce is the delivery network that connects buyers and sellers and gets the products from a customer’s online shopping cart to their front door, often within just one or two days. Affordable and universal package delivery service is a critical enabler of the growth of the e-commerce industry, and consumers and businesses of all sizes engaging in online retail rely on universal, affordable package delivery services every day of the week. Frequent and reliable delivery is an important service offering that no one thinks about until it’s gone.



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