US Postal Service audit blames contractors for failures at Greensboro distribution center

GREENSBORO, N.C. — A June report from the United States Postal Service’s Office of Inspector General said the Greensboro regional processing plant is the nation’s third-highest when it comes to lateness.

Contractors working with the plant were faulted as the reason for numerous “late trips” and failures. The plant is located on Pleasant Ridge Road, not far from the Piedmont Triad International Airport.

The audit of the Greensboro Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC) was for the fiscal year 2019, which was between October 1 of that year to March 31, 2020. The report stated that the Postal Service’s 2.1 million late trips nationwide were due to contractor failure. It ranked Greensboro’s processing plant third-highest in the number of late trips.

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Perhaps the writers of this piece should have read the actual report…. From one year to the next there was a tremendous spike in the number of “reported” late trip due to contractor failure….Contractor failure would be that a truck was not at its assigned position or had a breakdown or problem in traffic… The increase was so large that it is virtually impossible for so many failures to be noted…….I propose the reality was much different… Plants have problems and they run late….Upper management crawls all over plants but offer no help or solutions… So, to get management off… Read more »