UPS doubling down on weekend deliveries as e-commerce booms and Amazon looms

(Reuters) – United Parcel Service Inc said it aims to more than double weekend deliveries in 2020 as package carriers look for ways to satisfy the always-on demands of e-commerce customers, including rising rival Inc . The world’s biggest online retailer pioneered seven-day delivery in 2013, in partnership with the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), and is now spending billions of dollars to speed up its free shipping.

UPS added Sunday to its weekend services at the start of this year, following FedEx Corp , which did the same late last year.

“E-commerce spikes on the weekends, and retailers want those orders delivered sooner,” UPS Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Warren said in a statement ahead of UPS and Amazon’s quarterly reports on Thursday.

UPS said it aimed to expand its year-round Saturday service, which started in 2017, to 40 million more U.S. customers. The company declined to disclose its current weekend volume.


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Boone NC is a huge Damnazon market. Postal Service is the only seven day player in this market. You rarely see Big Brown or FedEx on Saturday. You never see them on Sundays. When will Amazon Prime begin delivering in the Boone NC area??