Update on required COVID vaccines for postal workers

Confusion over Whether Postal Workers Exempt from Vaccine Mandate

U.S. Postal Service workers are subject to a rule to be developed by the Labor Department mandating coronavirus vaccinations for workers and weekly testing for non-vaccinated employees at companies with over 100 workers, a senior Biden administration official told CNN and the Washington Post.

The clarification came after the Washington Post reported that White House officials said U.S. Postal Service employees are exempt from the Biden administration’s new coronavirus vaccine mandates for federal workers.

Stay tuned..

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Good. The majority of us don’t want to work with the dirty unvaccinated carriers & clerks anyway.

I am unvaccinated and I can tell you I am not a carrier, nor am I sick, nor have I been sick the entire pandemic. You are being controlled, you better wake before all your rights are gone.

So, do you wear seatbelts or follow other laws? Required vaccinations began with George Washington.

When you leave the house and drive , there is a chance you might be killed in a wreck or kill someone in a wreck REGARDLESS of the seat belt. The virus is the car and it randomly kills with no intention. You don’t mean to kill someone but everyday when you leave the house there is a chance you will. Put a bunch of cars in a confined area driving at high speed you get more deaths – duh You can vaccinate (seatbelt) but this seatbelt like a car seat belt is not 100% effective – so like the… Read more »

I wear a seatbelt because it makes sense, not because it’s a law.

I don’t bend over just because the government says so.

George Washington didn’t force anyone to get vaccinated. He could barely acquire soldiers as it were. Variolations were encouraged and many soldiers, on their own free, will complied.

So it’s your “right” to get others sick? what if you have no symptoms and pass it to others and they die? It’s not about “control”, it’s about keeping people alive.

If the vaccine works so well you’re not going to get sick. Remember?

It lowers your chances and the severity

if you care to read??? Educate yourself. Vaccines don’t prevent getting the illness 100%. Normally, it’s 90-95%. This one is extremely good at preventing SEVERE illness and DEATH. it’s not about YOU getting sick. it’s about others. Try to not be a narcissist.

really – I don’t recall anyone getting the polio vaccine just getting partially paralyzed – this shot is a reducer not a true vaccine. I’ve lived in Africa and other areas and EVERY vaccine I got prevented the illness it was designed to prevent – it did not just reduce the symptoms.

So the inoculated can’t infect others?

I think our schools must improve their teaching of critical thinking skills. Apparently many people in this country don’t have such skills. Why would a person not take the vaccine and jeopardize their own life and those of others?
What a pity for this country!

That’s a simple answer to that. If it were a real vaccine with no life threatening side effects people would have no problem with that. Ask yourself that question.

Yep…just like it’s not about you dying, it’s about not killing others…

The vaccine only helps lessen the severity of the virus to the vaccinated person only!! It does not stop the vaccinated person from getting or giving it….do your research. You getting vaccine does not help me nor does it harm you if I do not….Fact…..and one more thing to the uneducated…the vaccine you received for mumps…smallpox…had a survival rate of 70 percent…versus 99.7 percent for covid….and of course with all illness the elderly and sickly are at risk

99% survival rate before the vax came out. No thank you…

haha, exactly if the vaccine works why are you concerned about getting sick

apparently none of the vaxed people believe that theory they just want everyone to follow this great government we have that they pushed into the white house I am starting to believe they just want to be led by their hands and told when to sleep eat crap work and socialize….. get a life people and wake up before its too late and this administration takes all your rights away

Do you even know what the mortality rate is? You are being brainwashed! This is about control and losing freedoms! Do your research. This is about dividing people, so the elites can maintain control! I am a nurse and they are exploiting this virus to scare Americans and take freedoms away. Wake up and research!

You’re a nurse? You should be ashamed of yourself. Go find another job where you’re not in charge of keeping people safe. I wouldn’t trust you to take care of my cats.

I would trust them over a crazy cat lady like you.

You also don’t have the right to expect others to bow down and be subjected because of your personal fears. If you are so scared of a virus where your chance of survival is over 99%, the avg death age is around 80 and obesity & underlying conditions are the root of the deaths where COVID contributes, then stay home. Now if you are comfortable with like what is going on in Australia, in particular New South Wales, well you are destined to be govt controlled for the rest of your life.

Tell that to all the people who have actually died from taking this vaccine!

hmmmm. give me the stats on how many have died from the vaccine, vs. how many have died from Covid 19. I’d love to hear it.

I know four personally die within 24 hours of the vax. I’ll take my chances w COVID. AND, look up the protocols that are being utilized within the hospital.They are part of the problem.

You people have to stop with this crap “it your right to get someone sick” if your unvaxed wake up people and take your shot if you want to to make you happy and safe and leave the unvaxed alone you took your shot now your invincible so no worries on your part, THAT IS UNLESS YOU TRUELY DO NOT TRUST THE SHOT…. then that just makes you a follower instead of a researcher…..

Read your history. Washington issued the order to have all troops of the Continental Army inoculated for smallpox on Feb. 5, 1777, in a letter to John Hancock, who was president of the Second Continental Congress. He mandated the smallpox vaccine for the Continental Army NOT the entire population of the United States. “Finding the smallpox to be spreading much and fearing that no precaution can prevent it from running through the whole of our army, I have determined that troops shall be inoculated,” he wrote. “This expedient may be attended with some inconveniences and some disadvantages, but yet I… Read more »

I think our schools must improve their teaching of critical thinking skills. Apparently many people in this country don’t have such skills. Why would a person not take the vaccine and jeopardize their own life and those of others?
It is people who do not think that will help Americans lose their rights. Perfect targets for oligarchs to control.
What a pity for this country!

That’s exactly how the German’s spoke to the jews in Nazi Germany. Hitler and his propoganda brainwashing people into thinking Jewish people were dirty…. Just like Biden is doing to the unvaccinated. How do you feel to be a part of that same system of bullying?

Biden is potentially more harmful to America then Hitler was to Germany , but then again Merckle was worse for Germany than Hitler lol

Media fed.

Dirty? Because we don’t take a vaccine has been around less than a year and no one knows 100% for sure what the long-term effects will be? Now it’s now being crammed down our throats thisadministration is more divisive than you realize.

Well, do your research and you’ll see the highest rate of infection may be Israel with the highest vaccination rates. And I think they’re working on a 3rd or 4th booster. Australia is in lockdown and I’ve seen terrible videos of police beating unvacinated and taking children. Yes we will lose our freedoms and won’t be safer. No I won’t take multiple lifetime doses of something that may eventually kill me. Check out Dr. Peter Mccullough and so many other Doctors you ignoramous.

We will not take the vax. The government has no right to tell us to take experimental drugs. USPS says fuck you Joe. Fuck you Diblasio. Fuck this administration who sold the American people out and betrayed this nation. Federal government has no say in private health has no authority to question citizens on their health status. All these mandates are illegal and the constitution overrides these abusive powers. Do not comply.

Vaccine is now approved by FDA….
Americans have been and are required to vaccinate their children for other health issues….
So the Constitution does not “override” these “abusive powers”, are not “illegal”, and the government does “have a say” in health matters that affect other fellow citizens…
You might want to educate yourself before making posts like these that do not help your case and make you appear ignorant….

2 FDA top dogs resigned last week …..hmmmmmm , he’s not ignorant…Bill Gates wife resigned from being his wife recently….hmmmmm , he’s not ignorant , this whole thing stinks and you need to take your control device off and smell it .

Wrong. Comirnaty was approved, but hasn’t been produced yet. The current jabs are not FDA approved.

Actually, they aren’t approved! A vaccine that is not available in The US is what they approved and the mainstream brain washing propaganda news twisted the truth and now people think the vaccine is approved..it is still only approved for emergency use…read the letter that approves and provides licensing..it doesn’t exist!…clinical trials take atleast 2 years and most about 5 to 15 years…also most that I’ve heard that are sick are the vaccinated…and they are the danger!

Oxycotin was approved by the FDA. So were Quaaludes. And Fenphen. And trans-fats. and DDT (they even had an advertisement showing how safe it was by having a family spray bugs with it inside around their kitchen table before sitting down to eat). Yes, FDA approval is the “gold standard” for knowing something is safe, as admitted eugenecist William H Gates the 3rd told us.

You might want to educate yourself and read up on how Nazi Germany killed off the Jews for changing the way people think of them and using the passport to walk around freely….People like you are the ones that are making it easier for this government to take all yout freedom away and I for one like my freedom, take your shot be happy you did and feel safe in your little world and leave the unvaxed alone to live their life…FREEDOM OF CHOICE BUD…..like it or not this is AMERICA

Do you get your information on Fox, or Newsmax or Mark Levin? Go choke you chicken azzwipe

Why don’t you try to storm the Capitol again then? Worked out well the first time for America’s loudest cry babies. Just so ya know, the government can force your dumb ass to take a vaccine. They force you to wear a seat belt or get fined. They force you to to get vaccines for polio, measles ,etc,, to attend public schools. The government forces men to register for selective service BEFORE we are given the right to vote. So do us all a favor and shut up. Put on a mask. Get the vaccine OR get tested weekly. Cry… Read more »

America’s loudest crybabies? Lol uhh it’s the democrats that cry and moan and complain until they get their way

Last edited 8 months ago by Jade B

You sound like you would bow down to hitler!

Shawn, you’re about the only reasonable person in this room. Besides me, of course 🙂

More and more official studies are coming out and showing that natural immunity is better than the vaccine. I am a postal worker who contracted covid late march, and I WILL NOT GET THE VACCINATED!!! If people do their due diligence and read up instead of watching cnn all day, you’ll find out natural immunity is FAR SUPERIOR to the vax. So why do I need to take something for what my body already fought off and has the antibodies to defend again. ALSO WHATS NOT BEING MENTIONED IS VACCINATED PEOPLE SPREAD THE VIRUS!!!

I went through he11 getting natural immunity from Covid. It hit me hard, now Biden disregards my immunity and wants me to play the numbers and risk my life getting a vaccine I do not need and is better off going to someone who needs it. Btw I am a believer in vaccines, it is the only thing stopping the virus. Masks do not work, if they did we would not have a pandemic. Masks actually make it worse. I caught Covid by touching my mask. That is why we saw the pandemic get worse as more people started wearing… Read more »

that is such absolute BS. there is no “natural immunity”.

The EU says natural immunity qualifies for green pass.

You know when your lord and savior Fauci was asked that question about why do people with natural immunity have to get the vaccine when natural immunity is far superior to a vax, Fauci said and quote” “I don’t have a really firm answer for you on that,I think that is something that we need to sit down and discuss seriously.” The leading virologist in the county should have that answer down pat and his back pocket ready to go when asked. He fumbled because he did not have the “political agenda” answer that would satisfy his masters. Which leads… Read more »

That’s probably the dumbest thing I’ve read here. Of course there’s natural immunity. You obviously know absolutely nothing about the immune system.

be careful messing with the postal service. They are the ones who have to deliver the ballots to the cemetery

I am ALL FOR a mandatory vaccine for all USPS employees, and while at it? I’d like to see mandatory vaccinations for all truck drivers as well. I contracted Covid-19 last January from a truck driver who refused to wear a mask, despite the mandate in our facility. I was out of work for over 3 weeks and had to use my own leave (It feel between the cracks of the paid time off). I was wearing a mask, but still got it, and I’ve never been so sick in my life. Hate me, I don’t care. But I don’t… Read more »

Here’s some food for thought. Your natural immunity should provide great protection, if you feel the desire to get the vaccine by all means get it!! For additional protection, wear your mask if you please. Mandating vaccination for everyone will NOT help you, vaccine DOES NOT stop transmission, what part of this do you NOT understand??

Hate me, I don’t care. I once lived in an authoritarian communist country and never want to deal with it again.

there is no natural immunity to a new virus

How exactly do you know that it came from the truck driver? This story sounds fishy.

When I hadn’t been anywhere except work? And I was masked. The only unmasked person I came in contact with who was unmasked were truck drivers… Call it obvious or deductive reasoning. Not fishy at all.

Welcome to the human condition. The world is a dangerous place and you could die by many things every day, learn to cope. I’m glad our founders added the second amendment because of psychopaths like you.

if that’s a threat? I might take you on. They don’t call me Daisy Mae for nothing, Steven. The Mae is for Mae West. Be careful what you say

Yeah, a mask would have stopped all those microscopic virus particles and you would have been safe….

perhaps some of them.

How do you know for a fact that you even got covid from that specific truck driver?? You could have bought groceries from the store and someone touched the same food and you bought it and caught it from there for all you know!

if I’d gone to a store? maybe. But I didn’t.

and it’s not contagious by touch. It’s in the air. Hence, masks.

It is contagious by touch. That is why we are told to wash our hands. Look that up. Do a little more research on contagious virus particles.

The virus may stay on surfaces from hours to days. However, studies suggest that the virus is unlikely to spread by touching most common surfaces three days after a person with COVID-19 has touched them. Copied and pasted from the Mayo Clinic.

Kristen or karen? Since I went nowhere except to work and back, and wore a mask everywhere…. The only person I came in contact with was the truck driver who was without a mask. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon or rocket scientist to figure it out. Not sure why you feel the need to keep saying that’s not where I got it, but I know where I went (nowhere) and I did wash my hands, tyvm. He was within inches of me and didn’t have a mask on and that’s the only person I had contact with. Deal with… Read more »

It’s funny you say it’s the real truth. The page has been taken down, sadly. They suppress information that they don’t agree with and that should be enough to make anyone with half a brain question this administration.

To all those who have not bowed their knees to the beast, stay strong brethren. Stay strong in the hour of trial, the hour of temptation. We still have a multitude of weapons and religious exemption is one of them. I repeat, we still have weapons.

I am not anti vaccine, but anti mandate. I have complied with countless vaccines many years in the service. To include, Anthrax. I now suffer from a rare and extremely debilitating and life threatening immune disorder. Can’t prove it but believe this may be vaccine injury. We are living in different times and this is a different type of “vaccine”. India is now developing a DNA “vaccine” and U.S. a chip to “detect” virus. All to be unleashed on the populace. As saying goes, be careful what you wish for. (ie mandates.) We must protect our freedom of choice NOW.… Read more »

Can I just say – Q Anon? keep drinking the Kool Aid, you’ll be fine.