United States Postal Service Statement on Passage of HR 8015

“The U.S. Postal Service greatly appreciates the efforts of the House of Representatives to assist us. We look forward to continuing to work with Congress on more meaningful reform that will ensure our long-term health, and we remain a vital part of our nation’s critical infrastructure.

“We are concerned that some of the requirements of the Bill, while well meaning, will constrain the ability of the Postal Service to make operational changes that will improve efficiency, reduce costs, and ultimately improve service to the American people.

“We reiterate that the Postal Service is fully capable and committed to delivering the nation’s election mail securely and on time, and will do everything necessary to meet this sacred duty.”

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Intimidation? It would appear so.

She looked that up on line because I don’t know that either! He makes the big bunks and it is NOT his responsibility to sell the stamps to the customers, lol.
She was very lame in her questioning as a “professor”. But being from California she just might use the mans bathroom to pee!

Dejoy is just as incompetent as the president! It will be a great day for America when you both are unemployed! I’ve been waiting for over three months for some of my packages SMH, whatever results you think will come of this will indeed backfire! Rot in hell all of those involved.

Your waiting because you bought shit from china, order stuff in march, just got it. Dont blame the president

How u know sbe bought from China? You’re an idiot like the crook in the Whitehouse

You don’t know that…..the Post Office has a Trump Lover sabotaging it.

Why NOT blame your president ?????

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It’s the presidents stupidity that got us in this mess to begin with!!!

I’ll blame that MFER.HE knows he can’t win this election without trying to destroy the mail in voting.

Right on Sister☮️

You are so full of shit..3 months wait

Yes melt like a wax in hell

Who is speaking for USPS?

I am demanding my CONSTITUTIONAL FREEDOM to vote in person at my local voting presinct!!!

Absolutely, we should have to go to the polls. Covid-19 is a thing of the past!

I think that you should certainly go to the polls to vote if you so desire because that is your constitutional right; however, Covid is NOT a thing of the past. I have worked at the local hospital for 30 years and people are still coming in being diagnosed and still dieing. I have no reason to lie, I don’t need and I don’t seek recognition. The last time we called the mortician to get the body, he wouldn’t come inside but to instead waited outside for the body to be brought to him. I think you should make your… Read more »

Gladys, it will not be the main focus. It will go away. Yes people will die but rest assure the flu season is coming after the hurricanes. Will people get ill? Absolutely and some may just be recovering form covid-19. I had it last December when the Dr.’s couldn’t diagnose it (didn’t have a name yet). Took me 6 weeks to knock that thing out. I have no respiratory issues but I did then! Couldn’t sleep without 3 pillows (literally inclined like a recliner in bed) and it was 2 hours or less of sleep because coughing woke me up!… Read more »

No one does of the flu anymore, everything it seems is a symptom of . It’s real, but not as contagious as they would have us believe. I know this for a fact. Frontline Dr’s have no reason to lie either. Through Lockstep back in 2010 this was planned and they are following the script. Destroy the economy, keep everyone in fear, while we turn Communist before we know it. People can’t work, so they have a lot if time to Riot as no destroy everything. The mask are worthless. Covid is wing used to make people like Jesuit Fauci… Read more »

Damn you are so ignorant .

Don’t forget to put a diaper on your going to be there all day. You stupid bitch, go get the virus

Take your head out of the president’s ass


Nobody is stopping you from voting in person , go catch covid19 and learn how to spell precint

Our postal delivery is awful, rude, lazy and stupid.. Late nearly 7 months now, or non delivery.. Misdelivered.. Mail get lost or stolen after it reaches the hub.. We live in Summerville, SC and I say earn that money BEFORE you put your hands out for more! Get rid of our post master general he’s rude and useless!

Thank you for being on the first responders list of an invaluable business that sustains all people equally in our United States.
DeJoy can go suck an egg!!

Great, thank you Washington Postal Workers.

That’s not in lock step with Louis DeJoy’s rendition of the matter. In fact if memory serves from the congressional hearing, he has no plan to compensate for lifting mailboxes off there foundation and taking apart mail sorting machines which he won’t put back…and …..no plan to keep things moving time efficiently and fluidly during a pandemic.

You DO KNOW THAT IS A MEDIA LIE? He never took collection boxes away! Those machines in the plants take up space and with the influx of Amazon for the holidays which is November (after elections) the employees always set up additional operations with Christmas help! That has been standard procedure since the 1980’s.

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A 3 yr. Old is smarter than you.,..you don’t believe in climate change either do you????

And I don’t believe a cow farting is a problem! That makes a 2 yr. old smarter than you! They fart too!

Methane gas is the problem. Look it up if you read.

I don’t believe a 2 yr. old would comprehend, but they know a fart when they hear or smell one. You would know if you had anatomy.

It’s on tape. These are not lies, they’re facts.

The post office had problems years and years ago before Trump even got into office, they’ve been saying they’re going to go bankrupt, so to blame all this on Trump is STUPID , USPS has needed restructuring for probably five years that I can remember

More like since the early 80’s. When automation processes manifested it was state of the art @ that time. Like Steve Jobs iphone technology . Competition is coming. E-mail by Dr. Shiva hit offices nation-wide! Managers thought they could just get a paycheck and not MANAGE the plant and distribution centers which would not affect them either. SURPRISE!

Some of you appear to be living in a universe of fantasy provided by Fuxx News and the Trumpublicans regime. With everything going on between Covid and civil unrest, the post office was operating just fine. DeJoy was sent to cause chaos and confusion so chump can cry fowl when he loses. You people need to get out of your Fuxx News bubble and quit whining that the world is out to get you and everyone but trumptv is fake. What you all take for news is propaganda. The horrible world you will be subject to is one with guaranteed… Read more »

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Oh, I get it now!!
President Trump chose the Postmaster General after he just got elected just so he could screw up the next election… Yeah, keep drinking your koolaid from your sippy cup.

I know right, lol

DeJoy, a big Trump donor, without an ounce of relevant experience or qualifications was appointed by Trump less than 80 days ago, genius.

Dejoy just took over so the jury is still out. This virus has not made things any easier. The amount of packages from Amazon, eBay and countless other companies, is a nightmare of volume every day. It’s so easy for people to criticize others and companies until you walk in there shoes. That goes for anyone or anything .

No, the jury is not still out. The machines sort 35,000 pieces of mail per hour. Now postal workers must sort all of that WITHOUT additional manpower or overtime. That’s why the mail is late & prote aren’t getting their medicines. They cost millions & 2 months to set up.

Mouth Service. Our mail is late , bills received late causing us to paid late fee. Creditor aren’t concern about what the country is going through they want theirs MONEY. NOT LIP SERVICE DO IT!

The post office needs funding the president is a ass hole coz he want u to vote in person I will vote in person to get him out of there

Happy you are voting and President Trump is the best President we have ever had. Don’t waste your vote so you can keep your job! After all why would you want higher taxes cut out of your paycheck? Why would you want Joe Biden who believes a woman can abort the baby after it’s born? Also he is sleepy and creepy and I can let you fill in the blank! Think about it!

Fox Propaganda lies. Trump hasn’t worked a day in his pathetic life, certainly not for Americans other than himself.

CNN Propaganda and Fake News is why you remain a proud democrat! I hate racism and they are the party of the KKK so I understand where you stand!
(Racist people are jealousy and powerless)

More wasted money. It is an annual event. What a crock.

I want to know how much mail was sorted and delivered before the removal of the sorting machines and then I want to know how much mail was sorted and delivered after the sorting machines were removed and what the difference is. If its lower after the machines were removed then it’s a deliberate slow down of the mail and this means DeJoy has committed a felony or federal crime

The machines sort 35,000 pieces of mail per hour. That now has to be done by hand without additional workers or overtime. People all over the country are complaining of very late mail. DeJoy has committed multiple felonies but he’s doing what Trump put him there to do. He says he’d stop removing the machines but he’s continuing to.

Oh I keep asking this question to senators and the news and some one is bound to ask it besides me. And I wonder if Dejoy will be tried and convicted after trump loses the election

President Trump ALREADY won the election! He really has NO competition! Democrats are human trafficking and Joe is in the basement with covid diarrhea!

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Delivering mail in high crime cities and having mail touch by infected covid people makes rain sleet and snow seem little

What I hope to see is President Trump getting handcuffed on 01/21He has been using his position and stealing from the American people using his hotels. He never gave up his businesses he still runs them. Your right he is a crook.

Trump signed a bill in January or February of 2019 to give money to The Postal Office…wake up sheeple…research it..

I have always known my Mail carrier, enjoy seeing them six days a week. As a teenager in Lewiston, ID my boyfriend and I washed the mail trucks all weekend. A neighbor owned the Conoco gas station where we set up our cleaning job. At that time you drove the truck standing up. I am now disabled and rely on my mail everyday for medication and alot of my shopping, I.have voted absentee ballot for years.I am in Las Vegas and it’s way to populated to comfortably vote in person, like I did 34 years ago when new to Vegas.… Read more »