Union responds to DC mail complaints as some workers are not showing up to work

The president of the DC local of the Letter Carriers union says if what a CCA (City Carrier Assistant) is texting 7News is true, “That’s a problem,” said Keith Hooks.

That CCA, who wants to remain anonymous, has texted that since there are not enough regular carriers coming to work these days, management is instructing the probationary CCAs to ignore or even trash mail, and deliver parcels for which the Postal Service makes more money.

When we heard the allegations last week we tried to contact DC postal authorities. No response. We tried again today. No response from the postmaster nor from Freda Sauter, whose answering machine message says she speaks for “corporate communications of the Baltimore and Richmond district” that includes DC.

However between morning and afternoon stops at the Brentwood facility, a banner appeared affixed to the front of the building.

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