Union President Says Chicago Post Office Is Failing

Since Coleman’s story aired, we’ve heard from people across Chicago who are having the exact same problem – no mail.

But when Molina asked the U.S. Postal Service about the issues, again Wednesday, a representative of USPS denied there are delays right now – calling operations normal.

Mack Julion, president of the National Association of Letter Carriers, does not agree.

“The Chicago Post Office is failing,” he said. “A carrier just told me they’re delivering some of last week’s mail.”

Julion met us at the Jackson Park Branch Post Office, 700 E. 61st St., which is just one of the offices where he says mail and packages from last week are piling up.

“Jackson Park is a classic example of the fail that is Chicago Post Office right now,” he said.

Julion said post volume is exceeding Christmas season levels during the pandemic, and there aren’t enough people delivering as is.

He said there are issues across Chicago, but especially on the South and West sides.

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I know why. It’s because Amazon owns and operates the post office and all priorities placed on delivering Amazon products even at the expense of mail.

Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out

Operations for mail carriers are normal. They deliver every piece they get. The issue becomes when the mail doesn’t get processed as fast as before because the PD&C’s don’t have enough workers. The only fault that is to blame is that people are getting sick when they work in confined quarters. When you only have a set amount of back-up workers (In all crafts, IE: ‘groups of workers’) it’s going to be slower. The other issue is if carriers are sick and there aren’t enough to cover the routes. It’s not a conspiracy, or people not working or not caring.… Read more »