Union: New sorting initiative at Saco facility slows postal delivery

SACO — Postal union officials are awaiting an arbitration ruling on a relatively new way of sorting mail that they say is causing carriers who deliver on designated city routes in Saco, Biddeford and Old Orchard Beach to work longer hours.

Under the system previously used by the United States Postal Service, carriers would sort mail for their own routes for about two hours each morning and then deliver for about six hours, said Mark Seitz, president of the National Association of Letter Carriers Local 92, the union that represents the workers.

Now, under a pilot program called a Consolidated Casing Initiative instituted in the Saco sorting facility on Industrial Park Road  in late September — one of roughly 70 pilots across the country, union officials say — postal workers called casers sort the mail for carriers, who deliver it.

It was designed to make the system more efficient; union officials say it hasn’t.

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Here’s a way to be more efficient: CUT the management jobs who think this crap up…
or the ones who blame carriers for the low mail volume…
or the ones who harass saying ‘that’s what we’re told to do’…
It starts at the top but they blame the ones at the bottom.
I could go on but most of you know the score.