Union: Mail sorting test to end in Saco and other communities

SACO — Letter carriers in Saco will soon see a return to their regular way of sorting and delivering mail following a settlement of a nationwide dispute on how it is processed and delivered in 62 test locations.

Postal union officials say that is good news for letter carriers, who have been working longer hours, and for customers on designated city routes in Biddeford, Saco and Old Orchad Beach,  who have experienced a change in mail delivery.

“(This) is a relief all around for all the carriers who have been continuously working seven days a week and/or over 60 hours per week,” said Mark Seitz, president of the National Association of Letter Carriers Local 92. Seitz said he recently learned the Saco postal facility on Industrial Park Road will be among 31 test sites to revert to the former method ofsorting mail by July 31. “It is also a welcomed relief to have everyone return to the same 7:30 (a.m.) start time instead of 5:30/7:30/8:30 (a.m.) or some combination of times. This should hopefully mean more regularity in schedule for when mail arrives as well.”

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