Uncivil (Postal) Service?

TUCSON – Marilyn Boose has worked for the postal service for 32 years, the last four years at the city’s main post office on Cherrybell. Boose, who is African American, claims two colleagues directed a racial slur towards her last year and were not disciplined.

“February 7th I was called a [expletive] by a co-worker. March the 22nd I was called the same word by another co-worker,” said Boose. “Management believed me, but they did nothing.”

Boose also said she saw a co-worker watching porn in the main post office.

“He had a full-page of porn on his computer screen,” Boose claimed.

Mail clerk Brianna Hernandez said some men who work in the post office often use sexually inappropriate language. Referring to one male colleague, Hernandez said, “He used a lot of sexual rhetoric.”

Hernandez became tearful as she told the News 4 Tucson Investigators, “We don’t come to work to have to go through this, we don’t come to work to be judged on our personalities, you know, and how we feel towards these men making these comments.”

“It’s like, every day at work, comments, sexual comments,” said Liz Jones, a USPS employee.

Jones said she wanted to move from being a mail processing clerk to a maintenance job and all seven jobs were filled by men.

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I believe her…. our facility has tons of sexual predators running rampant, with no fear of retribution coming their way.