UNACCOUNTABLE! The United States Postal Service is a Rogue Company Delivering Road Violence

It’s enough to make you go postal.

United States Postal Service drivers are so reckless that the rogue agency has paid out more than $23 million to settle claims by New Yorkers who have been injured or killed in crashes caused by mail company employees since 2013.

In just six and a half years, the USPS has quietly settled 661 motor vehicular injury suits by New Yorkers, roughly 100 per year, with an average value of $35,000. Over the same period, the postal service has paid out roughly $353 million to settle 15,580 claims nationwide, more than 2,300 crashes per year, according to data obtained by Streetsblog in a Freedom of Information request as part of our ongoing investigation into the postal service. Details of the cases themselves were not provided.

The issue is accountability. United States Postal Service vehicles do not carry license plates and therefore cannot be tracked by traditional methods, such as by reviewing camera violations data in the city’s open data portal or via the seminal website Howsmydrivingny.nyc. Under federal law, the USPS does not pay the summonses that it does receive. As a result, NYPD officers rarely bother to even write tickets, which further cements the mail system’s status as a rogue service.

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