‘Unacceptable behavior’: USPS employee caught on camera hurling packages into mail truck

A postal worker was caught on camera treating packages badly. As the holiday season kicks off, we know mail carriers will be working around the clock, but this is not the behavior you want to see.

Inside a quiet backroom between the tape and boxing, you’ll find a rhythm. It’s repetitive, yet calming and so much care goes into packing vinyl records.

The ‘In’ Groove ships out up to 300 packages a day, so you can imagine the store owner’s disgust when he saw this on video.

“Three carts in total, and he was just throwin’ them in until there was absolutely no more space.”

Watch the video as the USPS postal carrier shows no mercy to the boxes of vinyl records, tossing a few boxes at a time into the back of the truck.

“I mean, violently hurling them into the truck from about a 10 to 12 foot distance and then once the truck got full as they were falling back onto the ground he was throwing them back on top of the pile.”

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Watching sausage being made are we? Let’s put a camera in the processing plant and show that to the public. To use the film Casablanca that will stop the postal Captain Louis Renault from being shocked that packages are “thrown” when they call it throwing packages.