U.S. Postal Service saw on-time deliveries slip in September, drawing election concerns

The U.S. Postal Service saw its overall on-time delivery performance slip during the month of September, despite commitments from Postmaster General Louis DeJoy that he would right the ship ahead of the presidential election.

With just 25 days until Nov. 3, Sen. Gary Peters, D-Mich., released a report detailing how the Postal Service’s delivery performance dropped again last month. On-time delivery rates remained more than 5 percent under regular performance prior to July 10, when DeJoy made operational changes at the federal agency that critics say led to the delays. Massive shipping delay over the summer led to a national uproar.

“The Postal Service’s performance has still not returned to its previous standards for on-time delivery, and these delays will continue to affect Michiganders and folks across the country,” said Peters, who serves as ranking member of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, which oversees the Postal Service.

First-Class Mail on-time deliveries increased to nearly 86 percent in the last week of September, but that still remained 5.1 percent under the rates seen before the July changes administered by DeJoy.

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overburdened routes packages at Xmas levels for months carriers clerks tired need more workers or gonna get worse

Because AMAZON is killing the USPS letter mail business!