U.S. Postal Service responds to video allegedly showing San Antonio mailman pepper spraying dog

The U.S. Postal Service and San Antonio Animal Care Services are both investigating a San Antonio mailman who was allegedly caught on video pepper spraying a dog on his route on Friday, officials confirmed Tuesday.

Will Charles, a paramedic who works in Medina County, filed a complaint Sunday with San Antonio police after his home’s surveillance system appeared to show the mailman use pepper spray on his dog, Teddy, who was behind a fence and posed no obvious danger to the postal worker.

In a statement, a U.S. Postal Service official said they are working to “gather additional details about this incident.”

“Based upon our findings, appropriate corrective action will be taken,” the official said in the statement.

Mail carriers are equipped with a plant-based repellent, the official confirmed, but they “are always instructed to only use the deterrent with great discretion.”

“We apologize for any inconvenience this incident may have caused our customer,” the official said.

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That is animal cruelty, plain & simple. The dog was behind a fence not bothering the carrier.

The carrier should be reprimanded by the post office and charged in court for animal cruelty.

There are times when the spray is needed but obviously this wasn’t the time.