Local USPS employee tests positive for coronavirus in Seattle Wash.

FEDERAL WAY, Wash. — KIRO 7 found out Saturday evening that a Seattle area U.S. Postal Service employee tested positive for the coronavirus.

A corporate communications spokesperson said that the employee works at a Seattle Network Distribution Center located in Federal Way.

The Network Distribution Center is a mail processing plant that distributes USPS marketing mail and package services in piece and bulk form and does not handle letter mail. No mail is delivered from the facility.

The spokesperson said USPS has been consulting with the county health department and was informed that the risk to other employees is low.

KIRO 7 was also told that USPS will continue to follow the recommended strategies from the county and federal health officials.

Below is a statement from a USPS corporate communications field representative from Washington.

“The Network Distribution Center does not handle letter mail – only parcels. No mail is delivered from the facility. It is sorted and transported to individual post offices, from which the parcels are delivered to customers. The employee in question works within the facility. The employee would have some contact with other employees in the work environment.”

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So who are “They” that the risks are low. If they are low, then why have people been quarantined, on cruise ships, and quarantined on air flights. This will be interesting to see what the po does next!!!

Are posts being displayed?

Guaranteed everyone on the floor with that person is infected. Remember people incubation period is 2-15 days. This shit is spreading fast. Its in iran, Italy, south korea. Trump needs to shut down travel now.

Contracted from a package??

No, there was another article that the lady went to South Korea and got it there.

wow just as scarey when anthrax was a threat and now vehicles catching fire and carriers murrdered through violence to them

How is not anyone else she was in contact with not effected?!!

Good question and they probably are. Takes two weeks to see if you get it.

So did the Seattle NDC really close for cleaning like some new stations are reporting?