U.S. Postal Service driver swept off the road by floodwaters in Fort Calhoun

A U.S. Postal Service driver learned Tuesday afternoon the mail doesn’t always go through.

Fort Calhoun Fire used its boat to rescue the letter carrier from his truck after he attempted to drive through floodwaters along County Road P51 near where county roads P49, 51 and P51 meet southeast of Fort Calhoun. The postal truck was swept of the road the water.

Capt. Aaron Brensel of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office said the driver, who was unharmed, was not cited. Rescue personnel were able to salvage the mail in the truck.

“Though some was quite wet,” Brensel said.

Rising floodwaters have caused the county to close county roads 34, P49 and P51. Signs are posted.

Brensel said drivers who disobey the signs could be cited.

Residents should be prepared for additional flooding, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

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Safety talks???? Don’t drive through moving water!!!

At the very least, he should be cited for this idiotic decision…