U.S. Postal Service Delays New Mail Truck Choice to 2020

The U.S. Postal Service delayed awarding a multi-billion dollar contract to replace its fleet of aging mail trucks until next year.

When the program first launched several years ago, the agency said the decision would be made by now.

The Postal Service also now says it may split assembly of 186,000 next-generation daily mail trucks between several of the four company teams competing for the $6 billion-plus contract. 

“We expect to award the contract(s) for the production phase in 2020,” Kim Frum, USPS spokesperson, said in a statement to Trucks.com. 

 The new mail trucks would take over delivery duties from the boxy white trucks familiar to most Americans. 

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Wonderful. :/

Sounds like a perfect opportunity for NALC and NRCA to sue the Postal service for safety and OSHA. But when you’re in on the scam, let’s let em burn, pretty hard to represent anyone.

What makes the Postal Service think they will have the money to pay for new vehicles in 2020?. ????

It’s over 5 years

Does this surprise anyone??

USPS mail delivery trucks should be electric with AC.and solar panels on the roof for running the AC and changing the batteries.
They should be able to get 1KW of solar on top. That would provide 10-20 miles of driving.
I doubt of most Postal service trucks go more than 20lies per day, so they will only need about 10Ken’s of batteries.
Maintenance would be zilch.
Cost shouldn’t be over$20K per unit and the benefit to the Postal Service and the world would be astronomical.
Make the vehicle great for the employees.

Listen, knucklehead.butt out with your stupidity.try 60 miles a day. Now go play with your Prius.

…range of up to about 90 miles—plenty for a daily mail delivery route—and a top speed of 60 mph. California’s electric mail trucks aren’t the USPS’s first foray into electric deliveries. In New York City, it uses 30 electric trucks… USPS says it expects each truck to save between $4,000 and $6,000 a year on fuel costs and more than 37 tons of greenhouse gas emissions over the trucks’ one-year trial. The Postal Service is also in the midst of reviewing new vehicles to replace its aging fleet of more than 160,000 Grumman Long-Life Vehicle mail trucks that first went… Read more »

All 35 routes at my office are over 40 miles so no thank you. All wheel drive is my number 1 want

I have been a mail carrier for almost 30 years. Most days I drive 30 to 35 miles. But I only do my route of over 500 deliveries and go home. Most of my colleagues help on other routes after finishing their routes. Most carriers drive over 50 miles per day.

Meanwhile in my district with the exception of one station that got consolidated with another after riot damage most routes do about 5 miles a day on a park & loop, mounted routes are all but unknown here. Maybe 20 miles if they are on the collection route for their zone.

Hope those new vehicles have a/c! We have never had air conditioning. It’s a LONG day in this heat.

We probably won’t get them till the end of 2021, two more hot summers

More like 2025 at least!! Production is going to be a long process!!

Most mail trucks today have 240 air. Two open windows and forty miles an hour. They will pick the basic truck. And we will all be happy they got the chopped version.


They better hurry up, at the rate the LLVs are burning up were gonna run out of vehicles to deliver with.