U.S. Postal Service Announces Healing PTSD Semipostal Fundraising Stamp

The Postal Service will release a semipostal stamp Dec. 2 to help raise funds for those diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The Healing PTSD semipostal stamp, which USPS announced Nov. 8, will feature a photograph of a green plant sprouting from the ground, which is covered in fallen leaves. The image is intended to symbolize the PTSD healing process.

Greg Breeding served as art director for the stamp, which features an image by photographer Mark Laita.

Tens of millions of Americans will experience PTSD in their lifetimes.

Researchers have tracked post-trauma disorders for hundreds of years, but PTSD was not officially added to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, a widely used reference guide published by the American Psychiatric Association, until the late 20th century.

The condition develops in some children and adults who have survived a traumatic event. PTSD can be triggered by experiences such as a natural disaster, car accident, physical or sexual assault, abuse and combat, among others.

The stamp will be sold for 65 cents. This price includes the First-Class Mail single-piece postage rate in effect at the time of purchase plus an amount to fund PTSD research.

By law, revenue from sales of the stamp — minus the postage paid and the reimbursement of reasonable costs incurred by the Postal Service — will be distributed to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

The Semipostal Authorization Act grants USPS the authority to issue and sell semipostal stamps to advance causes deemed in the national public interest and appropriate.

The Postal Service’s current semipostal offerings include the Breast Cancer Research and Alzheimer’s stamps.

The Healing PTSD stamp will be dedicated Dec. 2 in Charlotte, NC.

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So what does this actually mean in the final amount of money going to the U.S. Department of VA – By law, revenue from sales of the stamp — minus the postage paid and the reimbursement of reasonable costs incurred by the Postal Service — will be distributed to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

I think it means that .10 cents for every stamp goes to the cause

How much are the “reasonable costs incurred by the Postal Service” that will be deducted?

Good question since it is or seams to all ways be about pinning thair pockets

Why not find a research program the would be a benefit to all people who suffer from PTSD? There are just as many civilians who have this as well as the military but they don’t get any help.

You are of course correct about civilians suffering from PRSD. But everyone benefits from research performed by the VA on best practices for treating PTSD.

There are in fact FAR MORE civilians than veterans affected by PTSD. The VA runs the National Center for PTSD, which is why the VA will get the money.

The VA does not hold back research from the community go help yourself the VA is full so I pay for my own therapy. There is community help. I call all the places in town and ask for what I qualify for you could do the same thing.

My friend is a Vietnam veteran and he is donating his DNA for research on cancer right now. I don’t believe the VA doctors are keeping information from the community that sounds like some crazy conspiracy theory

Yes, millions of people in the US will have PTSD, but children in foster care are twice as likely as veterans to suffer PTSD. Trauma is not just due to being in active duty. PTSD funding should also include organizations working with early childhood trauma, foster care, ACEs science (adverse childhood experiences). There are many of us out here doing this work!

Also, Grandparents being alienated from our grandchildren get PTSD.

While not being able to see your grandchildren is unfortunate, that definitely does not cause PTSD. Please research what PTSD actually is. I live with someone who suffers from PTSD.

Yeah, the vets get the funds–as they should! But the rest of us are left in the lurch. Thanks, America.

As someone with chronic PTSD, I am grateful that women like myself are finally recognized as victims of this horrible disorder. I am 65. The things that occurred, happened over time beginning in childhood, stretching through the 60’s overseas, through my adolescence in to my adulthood. It’s a shame that so many of us have suffered so long to benefit a whole lot from this, but others will benefit finally and that does give me hope. Thank you.

So how do those of who deal with PTSD outside of the military access services funded by the stamps?

PTSD research by the VA will benefit everyone!

Giving the money to Veteran Affairs only helps those in the military. There are so many Americans with PTSD without a military background. What does that say about them? Are we leaving them out to fall behind? I agree veterans need help but they have assistance with certain things like service dogs which is very expensive for your average Joe.

The funds may go to the VA, but the research is for everyone. If you think about it rationally, there is a higher concentration of people with PTSD within the VA system than any civilian facility. Having the VA, with its own equipment and personnel readily available, do the research makes sense.

I had to pay to get my own service dog and I paid for his training none of that was available in Louisiana

The money is for research, I’m sure the VA will share the findings with the world! My wife, who is a civilian, suffers from PTSD, as does one of my good friends who is a ve, and I am glad more money is going to research!

To the VA. So the only people this “research” will help are veterans, who are NOT the majority of those suffering from PTSD. And we’ve all seen what a stellar, bang-up job the VA has done. I mean it’s not like people are literally KILLING THEMSELVES IN VA PARKING LOTS or anything…



19 so far recently

If research ( through Veterans) helps to further understanding and medicines to help PTSD I AM ALL IN… I suffer from PTSD not military related but, though Veterans “are not in VA parking lots killing themselves” they do make up a population of our homeless. Maybe research for quicker response times for Vets being recognized and treated will be beneficial to those homeless and to civilians without the PTSD diagnosis who need it…

I have complex PTSD and I really appreciate the efforts being made. I was in a very abusive relationship for four and a half years which led to my diagnosis. I was pretty shocked because I didnt realize the severity of my situation. It has been extremely difficult recovering because where I live there is a lack of resources to help. In addition, the symptoms are so private (triggers) and do not (for me) typically have a physical appearance. I deal with night terrors, extreme emotional imbalance, rage, cognitive issues and depression/anxiety. To most people, I look able bodied and… Read more »

I’m sorry to hear your pain. Please join the scars foundation group online created by Godsmack the band we talk to each other we help each other we have connections and understand services so if you’ve questions maybe someone can help you hear to close group you can be yourself here we should be able to talk about mental health just like any other health concern that’s what we do over here feel better

I’m happy to see that the USPO is supporting PTSD. Will they receive any cash from those stamps that are sold?

Why not use the Cannabis plants that actually helps PTSD?

I am happy about the PTSD awareness this stamp will create just by being visible. The funds are going to research PTSD, this will benefit all, not just veterans. Every little bit helps, there is no need to complain.

Grandparent Alienation causes PTSD. Why does it not get recognized?

I was diagnosed with PTSD last year. Since then I received a 100% CP rating from the VA and they’re helping me train a service dog. I’m so grateful for all their help and the money from these stamps will help others help themselves through their PTSD military or not everyone needs help. Are these stamps available in Columbus GA?

Thank you

Can’t you guys just be happy that someone is getting the help that they need. Jesus if you want information go find information to help yourself. I did I pay for my own therapy chill out. don’t hate on us because we’re active duty and we volunteered to serve our country I joined so I could have a life and have insurance. I’m sorry you guys don’t have insurance I understand that must suck why you got to ruin our good news