U.S. Postal Inspector gives latest after letter carrier was shot

SHREVEPORT, La. – A man is in jail accused of fatally shooting a U.S. Postal worker.

Antonio Williams was delivering mail along his normal route Saturday morning at the Lakeville Townhomes on Dudley Drive when he was killed.

Police arrested Michael Gentry and charged him with second degree murder.

Gentry is no stranger to the law. He has a criminal record that dates back to 2007. That’s when he was arrested for resisting an officer and underage drinking and driving. In 2011, he was charged with possession of marijuana. And just last year, Gentry was charged with misdemeanor theft and drug paraphernalia. In most of these cases, Gentry either had to pay a fine or spend a short time in jail.

There’s no confirmed information that Gentry knew Williams. Investigators are still searching for a motive


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