U.S. Mulls Global Parcel Fee Change as Part of Contraband Fight

(Bloomberg) — President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Friday designed to combat the flow of foreign counterfeit goods sold on e-commerce platforms like the websites of Amazon Inc.,eBay Inc. and Walmart Inc.

As part of the program, the Department of Homeland Security will examine whether the U.S. government is collecting enough fees to cover the cost of processing and inspecting parcels entering the U.S.

The administration will also develop rules to determine whether the postal services of foreign governments are doing enough to protect the U.S. from counterfeit shipments. In addition, the U.S. will draft regulations intended to pressure e-commerce sites to do more to identify sellers of counterfeit or illegal goods.

“The trafficking of counterfeit and pirated goods is a scourge that causes significant harm to our workers, consumers, intellectual property owners, and economy,” U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said in a statement.

The move comes amid a broader push by Trump to examine the business practices of Amazon, who the president has accused of “scamming” the U.S. Postal Service through low-cost package delivery. Trump has expressed frequent frustration with Jeff Bezos over news coverage by Washington Post, which the Amazon founder also owns.

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The only ones losing are the ones that charge too low a price. Amazon should not be subsidized. If the PO Charges too little they are to blame. Amazon treats their employees like crap . most are contracted and not really their employees.I hear ads all the time Come deliver for AMAZON Own your own delivery company. Help autistic people get jobs delivering . IF IT WERE THAT MUCH TO BE MADE HE WOULD USE HIS OWN MONEY AND TAKE IT>>