Two USPS OIG Audits on delayed mail at Processing and Distribution Centers

Delayed Mail at the Lehigh Valley, PA, Processing and Distribution Center

We were unable to determine all of the causes for the delayed mail reported in MCV at the Lehigh Valley P&DC as detailed scan information such as the operation where the delay occurred only has the ability to be downloaded for one day. However, the delayed mail numbers as reported for this facility were inaccurate because mail flows were not followed and as a result, critical scans were missed. During our site observations on October 5-8, 2020, MCV reported 151,671 pieces of managed mail as delayed for the facility; however, we did not find any delayed mail remaining at the facility after processing clearance times. We were unable to account for the difference between the delays reported by MCV and our physical observations. Read more

Delayed Mail at the North Houston, TX, Processing and Distribution Center

We analyzed delayed mail volumes from mail processing facilities nationwide and found that the North Houston, TX, Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC) reported the most delayed mail in the nation from January 1 to December 31, 2020. However, the North Houston P&DC also processed4 the most mail in the country during that timeframe. Our objective was to determine the cause of delayed mail at the North Houston P&DC. Read more

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