Two Dogs Quarantined After Breaking Through Screen Door, Biting Mailman

A pair of dogs were forced to be put in a temporary quarantine after busting through a screen dog and attacking a mailman in Westchester, police said.

A USPS mailman walked into Scarsdale Police Headquarters at approximately 5 p.m. on Wednesday, May 21, reporting that he had been bitten by a dog earlier in the day while delivering a package to a Webster Road home.

The mailman told police that as he approached the front door of the Webster Road home, he saw two dogs that appeared to be secure behind a glass screen door, as the front door was open. He said that he heard the screen door lock “pop” and the dogs pushed through the door and made contact.

After making contact, one of the dogs bit him on the leg, though it was unclear which one. The mailman repeatedly refused medical assistance at police headquarters while making the report.

A pair of Westchester County Dog Bite forms were completed. Medical records were provided for both dogs, which found that the male dog was up to date, though the female dog’s vaccination record showed that she was past due for her rabies vaccination as of Feb. 9.

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Did the carrier get in trouble for not reporting the incident to his supervisors immediately? He waited (I’m guessing) until he got off of work to tell the police?