Two charged with robbing Fremont mail carrier at gunpoint

OAKLAND — Federal prosecutors have charged two people with conspiracy, robbery, assault on a postal employee, and possessing stolen mail, in connection with the armed robbery of a U.S. postal worker, court records show.

Tyra D. Mabon and Shindozjanae C. Smith, 25, were indicted on the charges Sept. 19,

The indictment alleges that Mabon, Smith, and a third, uncharged person parked next to a postal worker in Fremont on April 25, 2018. Smith then pointed a gun at the postal employee, and Mabon began collecting mail from the truck, authorities allege.

A tub of mail and several packages were stolen during the robbery, according to court records. The robbery count, which is the most severe charge on the indictment, carries a maximum term of 25 years in federal prison.


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