Trump’s war against the Postal Service could have another casualty: tens of thousands of military veterans with disabilities

Tens of thousands of military veterans employed by the US Postal Service are on the front lines of a bureaucratic conflict amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Postal Service’s future has become uncertain, as its history of financial troubles looks bleaker during the nationwide crisis. USPS estimated it would continue to lose $2 billion every month that it remains operational during the pandemic, according to The Washington Post. It lost nearly $4 billion in 2018 and over $8 billion in 2019.

But the lack of mail volume and the increase in operating costs are not the only problems fueling USPS’s predicament.

Current and former officials have voiced their frustrations at a 2006 law that requires the agency to prefund its own cost of future benefits for retirees. USPS is required to pay the estimated $5 billion annual fee for the next 75 years, which no other private corporation or government agency in the US is required to pay.

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