Trump’s new budget will include major changes to the U.S. Postal Service

The White House’s new budget plan would also cut another $327 billion from a range of other welfare programs, including those that provide food and housing assistance, in part by imposing mandatory work requirements for certain recipients. It would cut another $207 billion by making changes to student loan programs over 10 years and an additional $200 billion by changing federal retirement programs and making major changes to the U.S. Postal Service.

The budget would call for severe reductions at a number of federal agencies. It will propose a 12 percent cut at the Education Department, a 12 percent cut at the Department of Health and Human Services, an 11 percent cut at the Interior Department, a 23 percent cut at the State Department, a 32 percent cut at the Environmental Protection Agency and a 22 percent cut at the Transportation Department, according to the summary.

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And when you click on the link to the full article there IS NOT one mention of the USPS.

BS Isn’t it??

Better include Congress, Senate, and Presidential “retirement” plans as well.

no kidding. this man is totally kooky. he wants us to be just like north korea. we at his mercy and he the communist leader!

What are the major changes to USPS??