Trump’s Favorite Postmaster Is Surviving Biden—and Maybe Even Saving the USPS

Louis DeJoy, wearing a blue suit and a red tie, his bald head glistening in the light of the chandeliers above, leans over a podium in a hotel ballroom. His voice swells with indignation as he describes some of the deficiencies he discovered after taking his current position. The 75th U.S. postmaster general says he found that the agency’s training manuals on how to operate mail processing plants were 40 years old. “Forty years old!” he shouts, his accent redolent of his native Brooklyn. “They instruct you how to do things wrong! So I’m collecting all those.”

Then there are the cost-cutting measures that went into effect at the agency after mail volume was decimated in the Great Recession. DeJoy says he was mortified to learn that in parts of the country, post office bathrooms are cleaned only three times a week. “What about the other four days?” he asks.


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